Embrace Office Services

Embrace Office Services is an office solution with a difference.  We provide office solutions exclusively for individuals and small businesses.  We know that as an individual or small business it is difficult sometimes to manage the actions that bring in business and providing your services to customers and clients as well as the back office functions, and sometimes those back office functions get left until the mythical ‘later’ until suddenly you have a substantial backlog of papers that become a mountain that you can’t face.  This is where Embrace Office Services comes in.  Our ethos is to keep it simple.  We will come in and have a chat with you at your convenience, find out what you need doing and offer solutions that you can manage easily.  We can set up templates and schedules as well as implement systems that are easy for you to stay on top of and manage.  Our prices are reasonable and on an individual basis, because we understand that each business is unique and as such can’t be helped in a one price fits all scenario.

Below is a list of the services we offer.  This is meant as a general guide to our services, so if the assistance you need for your business isn’t listed below, please get in touch with us because we may still be able to help.


  •  Full office solutions
  • Templates for staffing, email, letters, invoices, etc
  •  Systems to simplify staffing management
  • Systems to simplify invoicing
  • Systems to simplify events
  • Provide temporary office support